ZigZag reinforced aramid racing radial laminate for the racing sailor

The ZZ Racing Black (ZZ) range of aramid laminates uses a combination of Technora Black and Twaron Black fibers to build a range of laminates for dinghies up to 40 footers. The ZZ 04 and ZZ 06 styles are based on a Technora formed scrim combined with Technora ZigZag technology for off-angle support.  All Technora fiber construction of the ZZ 04 and ZZ 06 combined with our UV absorber in the adhesive assures excellent UV resistance and flex durability.

The ZZ 09, ZZ 15, and ZZ 18 styles all step up to the higher modulus Twaron black warp fibers for added performance in these radial laminates while still using the Technora black for the fill. Designed for radial applications the ZZ styles from 06 to 18 all have 750 denier Technora at 12˚ off the warp.

For applications where added durability is required, we offer the ZZ 09, ZZ 15 and ZZ 18 styles with a one side taffeta option. For a slight weight increase the taffeta contributes to film and inpact durability. Placing the taffeta on one side of the cloth rather than internally between the films eliminates the problem of water wicking into the laminate.

ZZ is available in 60” width [152 cms] for better nesting options and improved cloth utilization.