ZigZag Reinforced High Performance Carbon Laminate

Contender is pleased to introduce a new range of Carbon-Aramid laminates that combine a Carbon and Black Twaron warp with a Technora cross-ply for a unique and durable high performance laminate.

We have carefully balanced the Carbon/Twaron content in the warp and the Technora dpi in the cross-ply to provide a consistent step-up in strength in both directions. For added durability, we increase the Twaron-to-Carbon ratio as the weights go up from 22% Twaron in the ZZ-C 10 up to 43% Twaron in the ZZ-C 21. The step-up in Technora denier in the cross-ply not only contributes to lower stretch as the cloth weight increases but also very high tear resistance.

In lamination, our ability to apply adhesive at every layer more accurately controls weight, eliminates any “dry” spots where yarns intersect, and locks up the carbon fi laments to reduce fraying along cut edges. The result is a laminate with excellent strength-to-weight properties and resistance to UV with high content of Carbon and Technora fiber.