Great Performance on Beam/Broad Reach Courses

ZL Polyester (ZLP)  is a new line of Code 0 laminates for 2016. Based on the popular ZL Black performance Code 0 styles, our ZLP styles offer the cruiser and cruiser-racer a cost-effective way to power up their reaching and down-wind performance.

Using a 50 x 50 denier plain weave taffeta for durability and .5 mil film for stability, the ZL-P 04 and 06 use a black polyester warp insertion for thread-line strength combined with a 1000 denier black poly fiber at 30° off the warp for added off-angle strength.

  • Light-weight durable laminate for cruiser-, cruiser-racer gennakers and Code 0’s
  • Black polyester warp insertion and ZigZag off-angle yarns for strength and tear resistance
  • White taffeta for a more traditional appearance