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ZL Code Zero Aramid Black

Great Performance on Beam/Broad Reach Courses

Is your performance cruiser or racing yacht equipped with a non-overlapping jib and maybe a bowsprit? Then a rolling Code Zero or an asymmetrical reaching spinnaker can considerably improve the performance of your yacht in lighter weather conditions. Nylon spinnaker fabric is not sufficiently stable for these sails. That is why we recommend our ZL Code Zero laminate, designed especially for this type of sail. Using Contender ZL Code Zero laminate your sailmaker can make you a sail which is very stable but still light, pliable and easy to handle.  

If you do prefer a woven fabric, we suggest that you to ask your sailmaker about Contender Stormlite polyester sailcloth. Stormlite is of a similar weight and finish to the equivalent Nylon spinnaker cloth but its Polyester weave gives it greater stability under load.

Contender Sailcloth has responded to the high demand for increasingly lighter but form stable sails with a series of laminate fabrics suitable for yachtsmen from the performance-oriented cruiser through to the professional racing teams.

Our ZigZag fibre layout ensures efficient support and distribution of the loads over the radial panels in your sail. The effect of this fibre layout is to reduce the load on the Mylar film, helping the sail to retain its shape longer.

Comparative features

ZL Code Zero Aramid Black
Dimensional stability
Stretch resistance (modulus)
Breaking stretch
UV endurance

Weight range Performance ZL Code Zero

style Film mil Weight oz. Fibercontent DPI Tafetta
30° ZigZag
ZL02 0.5 1.9 - 2000 50x50 Ripstop
ZL04 0.5 2.1 1500 2000 50x50 Ripstop
ZL06 0.5 2.3 3000 2000 50x50 Ripstop
ZL08 0.5 2.6 6000 2000 50x50 Ripstop
ZL10 1.0 5.1 9000 2000 50x50 Ripstop
ZL14 1.0 5.4 14520 2000 50x50 Ripstop

Applications ZL Code Zero

Sail Code Zero 40˚ - 80˚ AP Reacher
Luff length ft. / mtr.
39 / 12 ZL04/02 ZL02/00
49 / 15 ZL04/02 ZL04/02
59 / 18 ZL06/04 ZL06/04
69 / 21 ZL08/06 ZL08/06
79 / 24 ZL10 ZL08/06
89 / 27 ZL14/10 ZL08/06
100+ / 30+ ZL14 ZL14/10