Composite Reinforcement Patch Material

This thermoplastic composite reinforcement is a material that combines the versatility of a 100% thermoplastic with the high performance of a fiber reinforced composite. It exhibits high stiffness, high tensile strength, and impact resistance for the weight.

This material has been proven in use to help stiffen and reinforce corners in combination with standard sailmaking materials, dacron, nylon/polyester and laminates. This thermoplastic material is structured to add stiffness that will reduce/eliminate wrinkles that may be seen coming from corners in both upwind and downwind sails. The thinner more pliable 35 Gauge has also been used to reinforce the inboard and outboard batten end patching.

By combining and layering this material with the standard corner reinforcement you are able to reduce layers and weight while adding stiffness and strength. This thermoplastic can be sewn and does not absorb water.     Available in .35 mm and .66 mm thickness.   Sold by the sheet:  53″ x 72″ sheets

•Thermoplastic composite sheets for corner stiffening / reinforcement.
•For use on corners of upwind and downwind sails.
•Minimizes/Eliminates wrinkles that may be seen at the corners.
•Light weight for the strength & stiffness.
•Does not absorb water.
•Standard color is translucent.
•Easily sewn with heavier patching/strapping machines.
•Material can be cut by hand, laser, or clicker press.
•Note: Not recommended in corners that would be furled or rolled.