ZigZag Reinforced Skiff Laminate for the Racing Sailor

Contender offers a range of optically clear films for dinghies and performance skiffs where a high film weight
brings the stability required for fast flying shapes.

In a 3 mil film weight, AX 30 White and AX 30 Black offer inserted warp yarns for thread-line strength along with off-angle ZigZag technology for tear resistance added stability. The 3 mils of film increase the bias stability of the laminate. AX 30 White features gold aramid warp fibers and white poly ZigZag while the AX 30 Black is all black polyester fibre.

For added stability, AX 40 Skiff uses 4 mils of film for a firmer bias along with gold aramid warps and black poly for increased thread-line stretch resistance.

Our window material is a 4 mil laminate of optically clear film for high resolution visibility combined with a
black polyester reinforcing grid at 30°.