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Performance Engineered for Radial Sails

Contender’s Radian™ range is the latest addition to the Contender line of woven sailcloth for radial applications.  Radian™ styles feature technical constructions that balance high tenacity fiber denier, count, and crimp to create a line of high performance warp oriented fabrics. Unlike some radial styles that sacrifice fill strength and fabric durability for low warp stretch, Radian™ fabrics use specially shaped fill yarns to create a strong and robust weave.  Intended for performance applications, the Radian™ finish provides a very firm hand for maximum cloth stability; assuring a fast flying shape.

Radian™ fabrics are perfect for the racer or racer-cruiser who does not want to sacrifice durability for performance.

*  Exceptional shape-holding: Unprecedented stretch performance in the warp direction, while retaining excellent fill and bias properties
*  Proven durability of woven polyester: High resistance to flex and fatigue, very good chafe resistance
*  UV resistance: Very Good

We recommend a medium or firm Polypreg finish for our Radian cloth. The medium Polypreg finish is optimised for ease of handling, and the firm Polypreg finish for the diagonal stability needed in more performance oriented sails.

Weight range Radian™ - 54" width

style construction Colors
Weight oz. Warp x Fill Natural
5.2 220 x 150 -
6.0 350 x 150/300 -
7.5 440 x 150 -
8.1 500 x 150 -
9.0 840 x 150 -

Applications RADIAN™

Boat length ft. Mainsail full batten No. 2 No. 1
31-35 6.0 6.0 5.2
36-40 7.5 7.5 6.0
41-47 8.1 8.1 7.5
48-55 9.0 9.0 8.1