Cloth for Top Performance

Racing dinghy and One Design keelboat sailors have always pushed their sails to the limit and Fibercon® Competition gives them what they need for competition from club level right through to Olympic and World Championship regattas. Fibercon® Competition is the most successful sailcloth available for this type of racing. 

The key for this type of sailing is our super stable Polykote finish, combined with precise weaving of the unique Fibercon fibres.

The Polykote finish is a polyurethane coating, developed especially by us, which provides a hard layer to stabilise the weave and create a connection between the yarns. This ensures the very high stability of the cloth but still allows the sail to be trimmed to a wide range of conditions on a modern racing rig.

RSQ Polykote

RSQ weaves are distinguished by their rectangular box double- ripstop pattern for improved tear resistance. These tightly woven constructions are balanced to allow for both radial and cross-cut panel orientations making the RSQ Polykote range incredibly versatile for a wide range of boats and sail configurations. Stabilizing these constructions is our hard urethane Polykote finish. The Polykote formulation strikes the perfect balance between enough stability to maintain fast sail shapes but still allows the sail to be trimmed for speed through a wide range of conditions.