A versatile range of top quality cloths, without a premium price tag!

Looking for a sail with a really competitive price tag without compromising quality or durability? Choose Fibercon® AP.

Our Fibercon® AP cloth enables your sailmaker to make your sails at a competitive price without compromising quality or durability. The sailmaker benefits from our controlled production costs and his own low inventory needs, and you know that you are getting a quality product.

Efficiently woven from our exclusive Fibercon yarns, the “all purpose” construction of Fibercon® AP with our Polypreg finish can be used in a huge range of cruising sails.

We recommend a medium or firm Polypreg finish for our Fibercon® AP cloth. The medium Polypreg finish is optimised for ease of handling, and the firm Polypreg finish for the diagonal stability needed in more performance oriented sails.