For comfort, extra performance and durability

Contender Cruising laminates made with ZigZag yarn technology enable you to have a radial cut sail that matches the modern rigging of your yacht. In our DWX Cruising Laminate range we have added super-strong Dyneema® yarns and tough Dyneema® taffetas to give extra strength and durability. The result is more efficient cruising sails for the bigger, more powerful cruising yachts and multihulls. Not only do DWX Cruising Laminates deal with the higher loads experienced in these situations but they are also light weight and UV resistant to give you many fast and comfortable cruising miles at sea.

ZigZag fibre layout ensures efficient support and distribution of the loads over the radial panels in your sail. The effect of this fibre layout is to reduce the load on the Mylar film which helps the sail to retain its shape longer.

Superstrong Dyneema taffetas for unprecedented strength and durability.