Cruising sailcloth with a rugged weave for durability and value

In response to a growing demand for economical yet rugged materials to service the increasing number of charter fleets around the world, Contender has developed a range of wovens designed to meet the UV and wear conditions unique to these yachts.

Large denier warps provide longer term UV protection while adding to the overall chafe and tear resistance of these fabrics. Highly efficient looms and careful yarn selection combined with the heavy denier warps make these very economical constructions, a vital consideration for charter fleet requirements. Lower aspect constructions further add to tear strength and bias stability. C60 and C80 are more balanced for lower aspect applications while the C70, C90 and C100 offer increased fill strength for more leech oriented loads. Charter styles are available in 54” width or untrimmed master rolls.

Charter Supercruise features a rugged weave with large denier warp fibers.