For comfort and performance and ease of handling

Our CDX cruise laminate range is engineered to be a strong and durable fabric for radial design applications. These styles feature a combination of quality USA woven taffetas on both sides of film encapsulated polyester warps and a 45° ZigZag poly fiber for improved bias stability and tear strength. Our taffetas are laminated with a white Ti02 based adhesive that protects the interior fibers from UV damage. We also incorporate a robust anti-mildew component in the adhesive to provide advanced protection against mildew.

CDX get their low stretch performance from the combination of polyester taffetas and the increasing density of high tenacity polyester warps in each weight up. Starting with 6000 denier per inch (dpi) in the CDX 5 up to 24,000 dpi in the CDX 11, these laminates provide a strong and durable option for radial mains and headsails on boats from 25 feet to 50 feet.

CDX Cruising Laminates are available in 60” width ( 152 cms ) for better nesting options and improved cloth utilization.