Great performance on beam/broad reach courses

ZL Polyester is a new line of Code 0 laminates for 2016. Based on the popular ZL Black performance Code 0 styles, our ZL Polyester styles offer the cruiser and cruiser-racer a cost-effective way to power up their reaching and down-wind performance.

Using a 50 x 50 denier plain weave taffeta for durability and .5 mil film for stability, the ZLP 04 and 06 use a black polyester warp insertion for thread-line strength combined with a 1000 denier black poly fiber at 30° off the warp for added off-angle strength.

  • Light-weight durable laminate for cruiser and cruiser-racer gennakers and Code 0’s
  • Black polyester warp insertion and ZigZag off-angle yarns for strength and tear resistance
  • White taffeta for a more traditional appearance

Our ZigZag fiber layout ensures efficient support and distribution of the loads over the radial panels in your sail. The effect of this fibre layout is to reduce the load on the Mylar film, helping the sail to retain its shape longer.