Cloth more specifically engineered for particular rig configurations

Fibercon® Pro High and Low Aspect cloths are woven to a very high density and engineered to match the specific loads of the various rigs used in yachts all over the world.

 They have the high UV endurance and high density weave of our entire Fibercon® range and so ensure that your sail will have an excellent lifespan.

Fibercon® Pro High and Low Aspect have been developed for crosscut sails. The proportions of your sail determine the selection of a High or Low Aspect cloth.

The finishing of our Fibercon® fabrics is also geared to match your cruising needs or racing aspirations, and every production process is carefully overseen so that you receive a consistent quality of sail.

We recommend a medium or firm Polypreg finish for our Fibercon® Pro cloth. The medium Polypreg finish is optimised for ease of handling, and the firm Polypreg finish for the diagonal stability needed in more performance oriented sails.