ZigZag reinforced Pen Laminate for the racing sailor

Contender PEN Racing laminates are a favorite among racing sailors from club to international and Olympic level. Our Apen Racing laminates made with ZigZag yarn technology enable you to have a sail made of radial panels that matches the modern rigging of your dinghy or yacht. The result is fast and durable sails that have proven themselves time and again on the race course, thanks to their wide trimming range and the great durability.

Thanks to continuous innovation in collaboration with sailmakers and yachtsmen throughout the world, we have successfully developed a technologically sophisticated range of laminated sailcloth that meet the highest demands of modern sail design.

Our ZigZag fiber layout ensures efficient support and distribution of the loads over the radial panels in your sail. The effect of this fiber layout is to reduce the load on the Mylar film, helping the sail to retain its shape longer.

Pen Fibers for performance combined with good flex and UV stability.