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TP 52 “5200” sailing with special ZZ Jet Black Mainsail

03 May 2018

The team of Contender have worked hard on a special product ZZ Jet Black to match the specific requirements and look of the sails these days.

This new special range is called ZZ Jet Black, referring to the black color of jet and is made out of our ZZ Aramid laminate with ZigZag yarn technology. The laminate has come together in collaboration with Ian Short from Ian Short Sails who was looking for specific characteristics and look.

Ian has a successful loft in Sydney specialising in manufacturing tri-radial, mainly carbon, racing and cruising sails. Ian did a great job manufacturing a TP 52 mainsail for his yacht 5200.

The ZZ Jet Black range is available in the Australian market in the range of ZZ06 JB, ZZ09 JB, ZZ15 JB, ZZ18 JB and ZZ21 JB.

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