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Sustainable Yacht Ya, traveling the world without a drop of fuel!

06 June 2018

On 26 May, we have welcomed the Sustainable Yacht the Ya, sailing with Fibercon Pro Hybrid, back from its fossil-free world bypass

Peter Hoefnagels left Medemblik in September 2016 for a world bypass with the Ya. Goal: to show that everyone can sail sustainably. In the construction of the yacht, a design by Dick Koopmans, sustainable sailing was the starting point. Energy used on board must also be generated there. The Ya therefore has several energy generators: solar panels, a windmill and electric motors that work as an alternator during sailing. In addition, the consumption of energy on board is limited as much as possible, without this being at the expense of a pleasant and pleasant stay. On board the Ya, energy is handled in a comfortable way. Examples: use of LED lighting, windows along the entire length of the hull, use of a hay box for cooking and only electrical kitchen appliances. All energy-saving and energy-generating application.

Hoefnagels was sailing during his bypass with Fibercon Pro Hybrid. Hoefnagels: “Fibercon Pro Hybrid came to the sustainable yacht because it had to be sustainable. My experience: It has gone all the way around the world, all 34.000 miles. That amounts to about 300 days of sailing, exposure to the sun, the wind, with high tensions in bad weather and rough ship movements in heavy seas. And perhaps the worst: the clapping of waves and wind.”

Hoefnagels continues: “We have always been able to count on the sails. The material is amazingly strong, still. Maybe people find the Fibercon cloth expensive? I say: it does indeed cost a lot, but it is cheap because of its durability! Next year the Ya will go around the world for another round and sail with this same Fibercon Pro Hybrid sails.

Fibercon Pro Hybrid is carefully designed with performance cruising yachts and long distance cruising in mind. Hybrid combines tremendous strength and durability in a woven fabric suited to today’s high-tech radial sails. It has superb resistance to impact damage and wear and tear in use.

More about Fibercon Pro Hybrid here!