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Golden Globe Race Skipper: Tapio Lehtinen Choose Fibercon®

25 April 2018

WB Sails in collaboration with Contender’s Fibercon® are teaming up with Tapio Lehtinen for the Golden Globe Race 2018.

The Golden Globe Race is a 30.000 nautical miles, non-stop, solo and without any outside assitance race around the world. This means no electronics, no telecomminications and all depanding on yourself. During the Golden Globe Race the Sailors are only allowed to use Polyester woven cloth. Therefore Tapio lehtinen and WB Sails wanted to select the best durable but performing cloth available and they have decided to go with Fibercon®.

Form the Golden Globe Race: “Tapio Lehtinen from Helsinki is a life long sailor who started in Optimist dinghies at the age of 6. A former Commodore of the Helsingfors Segelsällskap (HSS) Yacht Club, his experience ranges from racing Lasers, 470s and 29ers to keel boat and ocean racing, including a three-decade-long racing career in his classic six metre May Be IV. He has competed in the 1981/2 Whitbread Round the World Race aboard Skopbank of Finland, the 1985 Two handed Round Britain and Ireland Race, the 2-STAR transatlantic race 1986, the Azores and Back race in 1987 and the 2014 Bermuda Race.”

He says of GGR: “I am participating because I love sailing, I enjoy being at sea. I accept the challenges, but I am not a risk taker. I take pride in preparing well and sailing in a seamanlike way. I’m competitive, but realise that in order to do well in this race, I first have to finish.”

We are proud that they have decided to use Fibercon® cloth during the Golden Globe Race. We are certain that Fibercon® will match the high requirements, because the Fibercon® cloth is woven to a very high density, have the best high UV endurance and high density weave, so ensures the sail will have an excellent lifespan. The finishing of our Fibercon® fabrics is also geared to match the cruising / racing needs, and every production process is carefully overseen so that the cloth receive a consistent quality.

We wish Tapio Lehtinen great success and a save journey!