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A Unique Quality
Our Fibercon sail fabrics are woven with our high tenacity Fibercon yarns.

Why Are We Spinning Our Own High Tenacity Polyester Yarns?
The production of polyester filaments has been constantly relocatedand no longer meets the specific quality criteria required for the production of high quality sail fabric. Although their trade name has remained unchanged, their specific performance has declined significantly. As a leader in quality sail fabric, Contender Sailcloth has always been aware that the quality of the yarn is as important as the quality of our weave or finish. This is way we control our our supply of high tenacity polyester yarn since 2007, to always guarantee the quality of the yarn.

High Tenacity Yarn
High tenacity means high breaking strength and low stretch.

UV Resistant Yarn
UV radiation from sunlight can break down polyester fibers. We added UV blockers to the Fibercon polymer so when you select Fibercon
sailcloth you are getting the highest UV resistance available in any sailcloth.

The Tighness of The Weave
Using the latest weaving technology, we maximize the number of warp and fill intersections to lock in bias stability.

High Shrinkage Yarn
Heatsetting is an important part of the sailcloth finishing process. By exposing the high shrinkage properties of Fibercon yarn to heat, we can further tighten the weave in finishing to enhance the stability and recovery of the sailcloth. The result is the finest sailcloth available.

Fibercon cloth enlarged 30 times

Fibercon Yarn Available in a Wide Range of Sizes
The selection of fibers for their size is an important aspect of determining the sailcloth’s properties relative to weight and balance. Fibercon fibers are spun in a wide range of sizes.


Why Fibercon Yarns?