Our ZZ Ultra PE fabrics take advantage of the singular properties of fibers in the Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene – UHMWPE- family. Dyneema is an example of UHMWPE fibers which are known for their exceptional strength and low stretch as well as being immune to UV and flex degradation.

We combine our high grade Ultra PE in a weave with high tenacity polyester that creates a woven taffeta with excellent chafe resistance and bond strength to the film. The ZZ Cross-Ply fill of UHMWPE is supported by an Ultra PE ripstop fill yarn for off the charts tear resistance as well as fill and bias stability. The result is a range of fabrics that will make long lasting sails that hold their shape for years of service to the quality minded cruiser.

The three lightest weights of the ZZ Ultra PE consist of a woven Ultra PE taffeta on one side of a film and a tightly woven high tenacity polyester taffeta on the other. The three heavier weights, 495, 575, and 645, are generated from combination of the lighter weight Ultra PE weaves on either side of the film.